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Special Offers

Sun Odyssey 439 (2013)

Length 13.1 m
Cabins 4
Berths 10
From* 22/09/2018 Lavrio
To* 29/09/2018 Lavrio
Price 2.700 Euro

Bavaria C45 Style (2018)

Length 13.7 m
Cabins 4
Berths 10
From* 01/09/2018 Lavrio
To* 08/09/2018 Lavrio
Price 3.500 Euro

Bavaria Cruiser 46 (2016)

Length 14.0 m
Cabins 4
Berths 10
From* 08/09/2018 Lavrio
To* 15/09/2018 Lavrio
Price 3.500 Euro

Oceanis 45 Premier (2012)

Length 13.7 m
Cabins 4
Berths 10
From* 22/09/2018 Lavrio
To* 29/09/2018 Lavrio
Price 3.300 Euro

Lagoon 400 S2 (2018)

Length 12.2 m
Cabins 6
Berths 12
From* 25/08/2018 Lavrio
To* 01/09/2018 Lavrio
Price 4.100 Euro

About Us

The Company was founded by people who love the ocean. It’s started as a family business in yacht chartering since 1994 in Greece. 
To this day, its members are also engaged in sailing regattas - rallies, including championship races. Possessing the expertise, experience for sailing, they aimed to impart it to anyone interested in getting involved in sailing.
Our customers have shown great confidence in the quality of our vessels and the services provided. This urged us to invest more funds by purchasing more vessels.

We are based in the following locations:
Lavrio (Αthens) towards Cyclades-Saronic Gulf
Lefkas (PVK) towards  Ionian Sea
Skiathos  (JSI) towards Sporades Islands
Kos (KGS) towards Dodecanese
We have a wide range of vessels, from 31 to 65 feet, with a capacity of 2-12 people, 2 to 6 double cabins, full equipped.
We also organize holiday’s packages such as Pilates on board, Sailing Certification in summer holidays, Cabin Charters etc.
Our qualified staff welcomes, supports, advises and helps each Guest with care.
 You are always advised about the route to follow so as to explore Greek islands with lovely coves and protected ports in the clear blue waters of the Aegean and Ionian Sea while avoiding dangerous places concerning soil morphology and weather conditions.
You will enjoy the sun, the blue sky and the turquoise sea with all your senses.
The walk among white-painted houses and churches with blue domes will excite you.
The unique opportunity to visit traditional fishing villages and taste the flavours of traditional cuisine in taverns with shady terraces will be unforgettable. The colourful patchwork of vineyards, olive groves and orchards between the rocky soil s of Greek islands will fascinate you.
All our guests get the treatment they deserve with a personal touch. 

HDM Sailing offers training and certification for beginners, advanced and competitive racers in her OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL.

Get the treatment you deserve... with HDM Sailing on board!

Explore, Dream and Sail Away… Relaxing included